The Committee for Advancement of Healthcare System at the Ministry of Health of Macedonia, FYR – Member, “HEPA MACEDONIA”

Public Consultation and preparing a “Green Book”

  1. Agenda for Subcommittee – A “Good Governance and Stewardship

– Points of the Agenda: National needs assessment:  Behavioural risk factors, Physical/sports activities,
National Institute of Sports Medicine, Preventive and clinical nutrition;
– Points of the Agenda: The role of local self-government in healthcare;
– Points of the Agenda: Health Academy within Public Health Institute: training, research, medical map

  1. Agenda for Subcommittee – B “Healthcare services”

Points of the Agenda: “Physical/sports activities – health services in the register of the Health Insurance Fund”

  1. Agenda for the Subcommittee – C “Healthcare financing”

Points of the Agenda: Reforms of Fiscal policy: “Undirect VAT: Food tax”.

  1. Agenda for the Subcommittee – E “Protection of the right of patients”.

Points of the Agenda: “Food labeling and health claims”, informing the patients – food consumers.

  1. List of info contributions – submissions:

– WHO CINDI – Community and Primary Care Based Prevention in RM, 2002-2007
– HEPA and Public Health Institute of Sport Medicine in Macedonia, 1965-2007
– Vera Simovska – CINDI Health Monitor Survey Macedonia 2002.

Simovska V.: IMPACT OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN THE PROCESS OF CREATION OF POLICIES IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA – Implementing the concept of an open government in the advancement of the healthcare system. Ed. Menora, Skopje, 2019. ISBN: 978-608-200-373-3