MTV educational series: “Third Age – Nutrition, Physical Activity and Lifestyle in Older Adults”

Interview with Dr. Vera Simovska, MD., PhD.
Expert, Subspecialist of Nutrition and Medical Dietetics,
Specialist of Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Educational Centre “HEPA Macedonia”, Skopje





II – TV “PROFILE” – Interview with Prof. d-r Vera Simovska, the first Expert, Professor-Subspecialist of Nutrition  and Medical Dietetics with licensure, at the University of Bitola “St. Clement of Ohrid”.


III – World Heart Day “I Work with Heart“, September 18th 2010, Ohrid


IV – Scientific Satellite Symposium for Euro Weight Loss, Macedonia 2015

The First Scientific Satellite Symposium on Nutrition in Macedonia, 26-27 June 2015, Bitola with title: “Advanced perspectives for better fitness in public health nutrition to reduce obesity and related chronic diseases” for Euro Weight Loss (2015) within EURO GLOBAL SUMMIT & MEDICARE EXPO ON OBESITY, Frankfurt, Germany.


V – The synergy between two Not-for-profit European Sports events:
  1. EACEA/Erasmus+ SPORT, European Commission: “WOW EUROPE” project, coordinated by the HEPA Macedonia National organisation for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity, 25-26 September 2021, the Republic of North Macedonia and                                                                               
  2. EUROPEAN WEEK OF SPORT#BeActive,  coordinated by the State Agency for Youth and Sport.   

VI – HEPA Macedonia is the promoter of the event “PEDALIADA_MK”, one of the main activity of the WoW EUROPE project.
Together with the Association for mountain biking “Veles Biking” which is an organizer of the largest outdoor event in the region of AZOT and also throughout Macedonia, very useful integration is made within the Macedonian HEPA project`s outdoors activity: “Education through sport”, and initiation for “Sports Tourism” development focused on mountain biking. This year we offered an unforgettable adventure that was included in Programme 2021.  

VII – Video message to the “International Congress for Dietetics – ICD 2016″,  Granada, Spain 2016.       
Nutrition for health on a global scale is very good evidence-based dietetics interventions, scientific developed strategies and action plans. The biggest challenge today is implementation, because of the many obstacles including political controversies.
After ICD 2016 in Granada, I hope to see a stronger action on food and nutrition education within Medical Faculty in Skopje, integration of dietetics in health system and through political decisions.

VIII – “Open Day” of the Goverment of the Republic of North Macedonia with Civic Society/NGOs – Cooperation of State Agency for Sport and Youth with NGOs “HEPA Macedonia” – Topic: SOCIETAL ROLE OF SPORT