Main Organisation Activities

All activities of the HEPA Macedonia are based on the WHO HEPA Europe policy statements and corresponding statements from the European Commission, during the period of 2005-2023.

  1. To promote health through physical activity using population-based approach;
  2. To support the formulation of  a National strategy and programme for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity/HEPA Programme:
    – the main objective is to reduce NCDs morbidity/mortality;
    – the intermediate objectives are to reduce the population levels of biological risk factors for chronic disease by introductiong changes in the lifestyle: increased physical activity, balanced nutrition and smoking cessation;
  1. To strengthen cooperation, partnership and collaboration with other relevant sectors, networks, and NGOs in the promotion of HEPA;
  2. Contributions to the public health system reforms as a member of the Committee for the “Advancement of the Macedonian healthcare system” in line with European standards;
  3. In addition to provide the background for the identification and development of an overview of the relevant HEPA Action Plan for implementation of HEPA programme in Macedonia;
  4. Efforts to integrate health-related content in policy-making across all governments: Cooperation of the civil society (NGO HEPA Macedonia) with the Government through cooperation of the civil society including HEPA Macedonia with the Government;
  5. To prepare annual work programme for the main planned activities and events.


– Development of surveillance system for physical activity and sport at the national level – Macedonian physical activity country card, Global Observatory for Physical Activity, 2015 and 2022,
– Effects of applied programmed physical activity on children, youth and adult populations,
– Efficacy of physical activity on reduction on diet-related risk factors for chronic diseases,
– Researches in area of public health: monitoring and evaluation of outcomes. 

Health promotion in general:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Skills for health

Promotion of physical/sports activity:

  • On population and individual levels
  • On national, regional and local level in Macedonia

Teaching/advocacy, 2005-2023

Continuing doctoral education (CME) accredited by Faculty of Medicine, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, Macedonian Medical Society and Doctor Chamber of Macedonia. Participants: 1.500 physicians from different branches of medicine;
– Training seminars, workshops and courses;
– The organization of the Scientific Satellite Symposium for International Euro Global Summit & Medicare Expo on Weight Loss, 26-27 June 2015, Bitola, Republic of Macedonia.Ed. Simovska V.    Symposium Proceedings. Publishing: Skopje: Menora, 2015. ISBN: 978-608-200-298-9;
–  Mass-media campaigns: Move for Health Day, World Heart Day, European Week of Sport – #BeActive,  and Quit & Win.
–  Policy and strategy documents: Simovska V. Ed. “Impact of civil society in the process of creation of policies in Macedonian government” – Implementing the concept of an open government in the advancement of the healthcare system, 18 December 2018. Publishing: Skopje, Menora 2018;
–  Legislation (Low for sport and low for youth);
–  Recommendations and guidelines for physical activity and healthy nutrition.

The health sector is best placed to forge the right alliances and to take forward effective action, so it should provide stewardship in the field of physical activity. It can take the lead in the areas:

-making physical activity part of primary prevention,
-documenting effective interventions and disseminating research,
-demonstrating the economic benefit of investing in physical activity,
-connecting relevant policies,
-advocacy and exchanging information leading by example