World Heard Day “I Work with Heart”

To mark World Heard Day, 2010, the International Professional-Scientific Conference with title: “Cardiovascular disease prevention through physical activity and other healthier lifestyles” was organized on 18 September 2010 in Ohrid by the National Organization for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity “HEPA Macedonia” in collaboration with the Federation of Sports Pedagogues, Agency for Sport and Youth, Republic of Macedonia and Faculty for Physical Culture, University Ss. “Kiril and Metodij”, Skopje and Belgrade, TV media (MTV), and journalists. The participants were medical professionals, sports pedagogues, coaches, other sport’s authorities, employers and individuals. Information material on Cardiovascular Wellness at the Workplace was available to all nearly 300 participants from all countries on the Balkan.

Paper’s reporters were invited on the opening ceremonial of the Conference related to World Heart Day, 2010 to disseminate the Workplace Wellness initiative “I Work with heart”.

Conference’s speakers were: 1. Associate Professor D-r. Vera Simovska, MD., Ph.D. President of National Organization for the promotion of Heath-Enhancing Physical Activitiy “HEPA Macedonia”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia 2. D-r Oliver Bojcevski, MD. Specialist of sports medicine, Public Health Centre Struga, Department of Sports Medicine, Republic of Macedonia 3. Vesna Boshkan, Communication and Media, TV Beograd, Serbia and Violeta Shiljak, Faculty of Physical Culture at University of Belgrade, Serbia 4. Professor D-r Lence Velickovska, Faculty of Physical Culture, University: Ss. “Kiril i Metodij”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

Youtube Video: World Heart Day Conference – HEPA Macedonia
Other activities on the day were carried out in Skopje including a walk from the square “Macedonia” to the City Park, sports events and mass media campaign. Macedonian message for the World Heart Day 2010 was ‘PESACI CESTO DO RABOTNOTO MESTO” (“USUALLY WALK AT YOUR WORKPLACE”).

President of HEPA Macedonia, and World Heart Day 2010, Prof. d-r Vera Simovska, MD., PhD
The second part of our World Heart Day Programme would be implemented on 12 October 2010 in Skopje. Location: Institute of sports medicine, Lazar Licenovski 13, Skopje, Macedonia (12:00h). Macedonian Medical Society and Doctor Chamber of Macedonia also accredit the second planned Conference “I work with Heart” as continuing medical education (CME) with Certificates.