2018: European Commission, AECA/Erasmus+ Sport: Type of action: European Week of Sport #Be Active”, Workshop: Title “Developing FIT Nation through physical activity and balanced nutrition”, Skopje 19.09.2018, Coordinator: State Agency of Youth and Sport, Skopje (Collaborative Project  Partner)

2017: European Commission-AECA/Erasmus+ Sport: Type of action: KA105 – Youth Mobility. Title: “Empower of youth workers through Sport”, Coordinator: Cabildo de Gran Canary. (Collaborative Project Partner).

2017: European Commission, HORIZON2020: Designing Collaborative large-scale research proposal: “K-Besity, Ministry of Science, Italy (WP4-5 Leader, HEPA Macedonia).

2011-2013: European Commission – AECA/Erasmus: Dietitians ensuring education, teaching and professional quality – DIETS2 (Erasmus thematic network for dieteticsspecific dietetic competences at the 2nd and 3th cycle)”, Project number: 177201-LLP-1-2010-1-UK-ERASMUS-ENWA (WP2 – Project Associative Partner, HEPA Macedonia).

2011-2012: St. Clement of Ohrid University research project: EVALUATION OF DIETARY HABITS, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEVELS AND BMI kg/m2 MONITORING AS BASIS FOR A NEW HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. University “St. Clement of Ohrid”-Bitola, Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences-Veles (National Project: Coordination).

2010-2013: European Commission-RTD/FP7: “Food Links”. University “St. Clement of Ohrid” Bitola, Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences (Collaborative Project: Participant).

2009-2010: European Commission-RTD/FP7: “Why We Age – A road map for molecular Bio gerontology. Workshop: Vascular ageing, University of Cardiff, UK (Collaborative Project: Researcher).

2010: “DietPhactLongevity” –The European Commission, Cordis, RTD/FP –KBBE–2010.2.2-0.2. Collaborative Project Proposal, “Synergistic effects of traditional food-baced diet and physical activity on prevention of functional decline of the obese ageing adults: Evaluation and recommendations” (International project: Coordination, Simovska V).

2009: Project, Agency for youth and sport of Republic of Macedonia: “National programme for smoking cessation of youth” (National Project: Coordination, Simovska V).

2006-2008: EUNAAPA” European research project for “Action on Aging and Physical Activity”. NGO Public Health: “HEPA Macedonia National Organization for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity” (International Project: Associative Partner).

2006: National programme for smoking cessation TOBACCO-FREE PHYSICAL/SPORT ACITVITY” 2006,, WHO “QUIT and WIN” Programme ( HEPA Macedonia (Coordination).