EACEA/Erasmus + Sport  “WoW EUROPE” project, 2020-2021

Large Not-for-profit European Sport Events, No. 623004-EPP-1-2020-1-RO-SPO-SNCESE


The “WoW EUROPE” is a European project in the area of the promotion of physical activity, education and sport, focused on primary and secondary school-aged children.

The attendance of famous athletes: National, European, World, and Olympic champions during the physical and health education lessons in the schools will encourage children to practice sports and health-enhancing physical activity developing skills for a healthy lifestyle. 

The second aim is harmonious development and awareness of the importance of sport in their daily lives, and attracting them to the sport’s performance by encouraging participation in sports and physical education.

Physical activity can be undertaken in different ways, such as walking, cycling, sports and recreation, and in different contexts, such as at work, at home, in school, and outdoors. All these forms of physical activity can provide health benefits. Budget project is 1.800 euros/12 months. 

Project partners are North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey, and Romania. 

The main activities of the project are: “Today I’m Your Teacher of Sport”, where on a monthly basis all participants shall ensure famous athletes to lead a sports lesson in a secondary school for children and youth starting in February till June. The next activity is a workshop “Health through Sport” held in Romania for the participants of the project. The third activity is “Pedaliada” held in all participating countries. This action will take place in nature, where the project members shall invite children, youth, parents and even grandparents, to a leisure ride bike on a predetermined route of medium difficulty.

One of the major activities regarding amount of participants shall be “The Open Hour in Sport” also held in all participating countries. The actions will consist of mini contests, demonstrations of the great sports champions, sports clubs, engaging in motion of the participants with these great athletes in sports activities initiating actions in various sports among the general public. This part of the action will serve to spark interest into children and young people to practice sport, with the help of the great athletes – national, European, World or Olympic champions.

The last two activities shall be held in Romania for all project members: a workshop “From Experts in Sport to the People” and the Closing Conference of the Project.

Conference: From Expert of Sport to people

This promises to be an exciting project for both – the participants and members, thanks to our beneficiary partner of Romania “Asociatia Junior Sport”.

WoW Europe Workshop_2021, Health through sport_Romania.pdf


National Coordinator: Vera Simovska, MD., PhD.
President: NGO HEPA Macedonia National organization for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activitiy